Dear bloggy blog world,

I had a sweet little food blog for a little over a year, ( and while I may go back to love it one day, I have been thinking about a more generalized approach to the way I advertise my thoughts and feelings to the interwebs in general. I will fully keep kicking out the recipes, because whyeverso not, but I am interested in also creating some space for being a definitive authority on Seattle life and culture, because I’ve lived here for very nearly a quarter of a century, (with a brief time away for undergrad, and that only a fairly short distance away) and I keep meeting people who are so bedazzled by water and mountains and haven’t figured out yet that the fish-throwing thing is kind of a joke, or what’s up with the Seattle freeze, or what “Seattle” cuisine is. (hint: I don’t know anybody that eats seafood regularly. There’s too much mercury in it.) That being said, I am strongly biased.

My biases include but are not limited to: being a zaftig queer femme culturally Catholic practicing woo woo white girl currently living with her bio-family in the house she grew up in in south Seattle. I have kicked around Capitol Hill and the Central District mostly and have worn out my welcome in so many places that I’m currently dating out-of-towners. I’m getting over pretending I know the answer to everything, but I do know lots of beautiful views of the city that you won’t find in guidebooks, desserts that are not dairy or wheat free but will blow your mind nonetheless, and I speculate at great length. More to come.


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