can’t help falling in love with you


I have new recipes!

1) I chopped up 2 bell peppers (orange and red) and sauted them with about 7 cloves garlic and what wound up being 1 1/2-2 tbsp red pepper flakes. (this is one of the best flavor combinations EVER I think). After they’re softened up a bit I added a chopped up bunch of collard greens. After the greens got softened up a little bit, I added about a cup and a half of water and put a lid over the mix to let the collards steam, because all I hear about is how tough and bitter they are, hence the inclusion of  bell peppers. Though, if I make this in the future, I probably won’t put the peppers in first because they don’t actually need the extra cooking time.

Conclusion: so tasty. kind of spicy. I’m trying to learn to ride the edge of spicy-but-won’t-numb-your-mouth. This was a good experiment in that.

Also-macaroni and cheese!

Boil macaroni/short noodles for about five minutes, and pour over them a  mix of 2 cups shredded cheese ( my aunt gave me a bunch of random fancy cheeses like provolone/swiss/mild cheddar), 4 tbsp nutritional yeast, 1 egg, 1 cup milk. Bake at 350 for about half an hour, or until it looks done.

I’ve never made macaroni and cheese before, but this is how I like it done. Also, with plenty of noodles poking up through the crispy top layer. So delicious. Objectively this is probably not very good for you, but I think I really enjoy making anything that verges on comfort food, which for a lot of people this is. I don’t think all macaroni requires multiple kinds of cheese in the mix, but I bet it doesn’t hurt. I wasn’t looking forward to the consumption of all-white or mostly-white cheeses, I typically care less for those, but it actually turned out totally delicious.

And last but not least, I paid homage to trader joe’s last night and purchased some pizza dough and made some totally delicious pizza with fresh mozzarella and blobs of goat cheese and fresh basil and some artichokes that I also acquired at tj’s. While I have been shopping at the co-op lately, tj’s really supports my ability to make nice food at a nonexorbitant cost. I like that.



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