you’re a no good heartbreaker-triflin’ trifle

trifle! is tasty, and british, and certainly not triflin’ like the title would suggest.

I used to go to tea when I lived up in Bellingham, WA; this adorable tea shop would serve trifle in teacups. It was great.

(i had a valentine-making party. which requires dessert. obviously.)

I recently bought a very cute Mollie Katzen cookbook- called something like the magical land of vegetables (not enchanted broccoli forest) and have so far made the pineapple rice (which has lots of turmeric and mustard seeds and other yummeh in it), and this trifle recipe was another reason for purchasing it. So yes. Onward.

Find or make a poundcake (or like I did, make a vanilla box cake from the co-op and add extra butter, because my mom maintained the difference between pound cake and white cake was butter).

Then cut it up into little pieces, and put it in your favorite medium-sized glass bowls.

Pour over it 1/2 cup “fruit nectar” (mortals call this juice, I think) and 1/2 cup cream sherry (harvey’s bristol cream is what I bought at the liquor store, I was unreasonably cranky about having to go to the liquor store because it is far away, but it is crucial and worth it.)

Over this sprinkle lots of raspberries. I purchased a huge bag of frozen raspberries from the co-op, and they were outrageously expensive, but delicious. These could be substituted for other kinds of fresh or frozen fruit, but traditionally they use raspberries. I wonder if using salmonberries would be neat in the summertime.

So right. Sprinkle raspberries. 3-4 cups. omg.

The recipe instructs you to them “cover tightly and chill for up to 4 hours.” You may do this if you wish.

Dump on some vanilla yogurt (I used all of a 32oz tub), whip some cream and layer that on, sprinkle on some more fruit and slivered almonds and (if you like!) cinammon.



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