veggie ragout

So, here’s a little somethin for ya:

Saute an onion and maybe 6 cloves of garlic until brown, throw in about a pint of cherry tomatoes (or, yknow, as many tomatoes as you can find), mix in a bunch greens (we used chard, but collards or kale would be good too), serve on top of friend polenta. Apparently this is called veggie ragout.

I am learning to like polenta. It lives in the world of Stereotypically Lesbian Food that I have avoided eating until now, when I am deeply In Relationship with a nice vegetarian girl who believes in things like hummus.

I eat hummus now. I never used to. I tried to make it once, and swiftly came to the conclusion that as long as I live spitting distance from Trader Joe’s I shouldn’t bother with buying things like tahini.

Actually, hummus with bell peppers or baby carrots is pretty good.

And I also threw lots of money at one of my favorite produce stands recently, and came home with things like yucca root and nopales and dried hibiscus flowers. What this means remains to be seen, but I think I am going to make yucca fries. Be warned though, although yucca is a lovely starchy gluten-free alternative, there are two kinds: bitter and sweet. If you get the bitter kind, you need to boil it until it’s soft, if you eat it raw it has some chemical component that will turn to arsenic in your stomach. Whoops. I don’t know how anyone figured that out, but it probably didn’t end well.



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